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Beginning the process for listing your home can be a very overwhelming process. There seems to be so much to do that it’s hard to know where to start. We’ve got some tried and true tips here to help you along the way.


Declutter and clean

If there is one thing to remember, it’s this! It’s so easy to become complacent with your own home. It is important to keep your home as decluttered as possible. You want the potential buyers walking through to feel your home has plenty of space for them. All of those extra clothes you’ve accumulated in the closet, take them to storage. You want all the areas of your home to seem as roomy as possible.

Another aspect people don’t think about is keeping walkways open. You won’t have just one person coming through your home. With the agent and the family, you often end up with 5-7. So keeping the main walkways as open as possible is very important.


Finish up Projects around the Home               

We all do it. We start something with the best of intentions and then it’s never finished. So that new paint color in the extra bedroom, or that half-finished antique dresser (darn Pinterest!) make sure to see it through.


Easy Access

This one can be a bit tough. With kids, pets, and just life, it’s hard to make your house super accessible. Having a time frame that is too far out for showings can rule out a potential buyer. So try to be as flexible as possible


Good Pictures

According to a recent study on inman.com, over 90% of buyers look online to start their home search. That means people are seeing the interior of your home online before they even talk to an agent and step foot in your house! It’s important to make sure good photographs are used to represent your home and give the best impression.



Make sure  the exterior of your house is in good shape. Now don’t kill yourself here, just make it look appealing. This is where the first impression is given. Also, buyers spend a good 5 minutes at your doorstep. While the agent is opening the keybox and getting the door unlocked, they are looking all around the front door. So make sure to power wash those cobwebs and paint any chipped paint.


Pricing it Right       

Pricing your home well from the beginning is important. Make sure to listen to your agents’ recommendation and know your main competition. Pricing a home too high early on can rule out potential buyers from even seeing yours come up on searches. It’s very important to stay keyed into what the marketplace is doing.