New Construction

Are you interested in having a new home built for you?  We can work with almost any builder to create the home of your dreams.  New construction homes are a large part of our business.  Working with us, allows you the expertise of a local real estate agent combined with an experienced quality builder.  We currently have several new construction homes underway in various phases of construction. 


The home building process is much easier than you would think.  We sit down and discuss your needs and wants with the builder, find or design a floorplan to fit your lifestyle and budget, select your finishes, and begin construction.  Here are some common facts about building a new home.

·        Typical new home construction is completed in 120-150 days.

·        New construction homes come with a 1 year warranty.

·        Many other items such as roofing, mechanicals, and appliances carry longer factory warranties.

·        You pick your finishes directly from our builders design centers. Making the selection process less time consuming.

·        Our projects come in on budget.  Unless you change something major, the price stays the same.


Building a new construction home is a process.  When you build with us, we are there every step of the way.  We have construction and design experts in house to help with all aspects of building and designing your dream home.  We also provide neighborhood comps to ensure you stay within the right price ranges. Ready to start the building process?  Let’s get started together.  Contact us today!